EEHA – Overhaul & Repair

This course is for personnel who are overhauling and repairing explosion-protected electrical equipment.

Course Outline

This course covers the explosion-protection aspects of overhauling and repairing explosion-protected equipment and the activities required of the responsible person and operative. This skill set will enable the learner to establish and document the level of work required, arrange for work to be carried out, verify compliance, and complete necessary documentation in alignment with the requirements of relevant AS/NZS Standards.

Course Content

  • 1
    Statutory Compliance
  • 2
    Roles and Responsibilities
  • 3
    AS/NZS 3800
  • 4
    Explosion protection principles
  • 5
    Explosive atmospheres
  • 6
    Overhaul of explosion-protected electrical equipment
  • 7
    Repair of explosion-protected electrical equipment

Techniques covered include:

  • Ex d – Flameproof
  • Ex e – Increased Safety
  • Ex i – Intrinsic Safety
  • Ex t/tD/DIP – Dust protection by enclosure
  • Ex p – Pressurisation
  • Ex n – Non-Sparking
  • Ex v – Ventilation
  • Ex o – Oil Immersion
  • Ex q – Powder Filling
  • Ex s – Special Proteciton
  • Ex os – Optical Radiation
  • Mixed Techniques

Mode of Delivery

This course consists of blended learning with initial theory and required knowledge delivered online at the learner’s pace followed by a 4-day face to face simulated workshop/classroom learning to complete practical elements and final assessment.

Who Should Attend?

The EEHA – Overhaul and Repair specialised skill set is suitable for overhaul & repair workshop supervisors/compliance managers who are required to perform the duties of the responsible/competent person as describes in AS/NZS 3800 and have the following duties:

  • Preparation for overhaul/repair of equipment
  • Establishing the level of overhaul required
  • Arranging the overhaul/repair work
  • Verification that the equipment complies with original certification after work has been completed Documentation of the overhaul/repair work

Refresher Training

AS/NZS 3800 recommends refresher training at intervals not exceeding 3 years.

Nationally Recognised Training

Plumpton Training Services is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). This status enables us to offer nationally recognised training and issue formal qualifications.