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Consulting Services

The team at Plumpton Engineering Services offer a range of specialised services including EEHA and high voltage consulting services for the mining, industrial, ports, solar, oil & gas, materials handling and general industry sectors. Services include Hazardous Area Dossier development, Standard Operating Procedure reviews, development and implementation.

Classification of Hazardous Areas in Accordance with AS/NZS 60079.10.1 and AS/NZS 60079.10.2

Our industry-experienced and qualified staff will assess the explosion risk of the hazardous areas (flammable gases, vapors or dust) for installations at mines, oil or gas facilities, materials handling plants, etc, and classify these areas into the varying zones as determined by the of risk. The classification report will include advice on minimizing the risk and achieving safety compliance with hazardous area installation standards and regulations.

Development/creation or revision /updating of EEHA installation dossiers

Our industry-experienced and qualified staff can develop/create compliant EEHA verification dossiers for new hazardous area installations. Review, revision and updating of existing site EEHA verification dossiers is also available.

EEHA Installation Inspections

Industry (including underground coal mines) experienced and qualified inspection staff are available to provide onsite EEHA installation inspections in accordance with AS/NZS 60079.17 or AS/NZS 2290.1 as appropriate.

Provision Of Queensland Coal Mining Electrical Engineering Managers (Short Term & Long Term)

We have statutorily qualified and experienced coal mine electrical engineering managers with wide industry experience as both surface and underground coal mine electrical engineering managers. This statutory engineering manager service can be provided for long or short-term periods.

Standard Operating Procedure Development and/or Review

Plumpton Engineering provides a range of consulting solutions to support clients in maintaining a safe system of work across various industries and sectors including ports, gas, commercial, mining, industrial and engineering.

Training Services

If you’re also interested in staff training, Plumpton Training can deliver accredited and non-accredited safety training courses at the Plumpton Mackay training provider facility, or on-site at your business anywhere in Australia using the Mobile Training Simulators. International training is considered on a case-by-case basis, please get in touch for more information: (+61) 7 49 510 041 or email us at